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Rubber, Metal, Paint, Lights,Thread, Prims, Concrete, Video
About My Art

I'm Finny and I'm a multimedia artist.  I especially love to make art about people.

My Dad, a distillery engineer, taught me to draw faces using math brackets. I would get in trouble at school drawing them on my desk.

He also showed me how to make homemade spirographs by hammering nails into wood and giving me yarn to wrap around them.


I've been hooked on portraits and multimedia ever since.

This site is dedicated to my Father, Poppa Joe!

Now I Can See
Like He Sees 
Shows and Demonstrations

-San Francisco Legion of Honor, DaDa & Surrealist Art Demonstration April 2002

-San Francisco Open Studios, Many times, 1995 - 2006

-South San Francisco General Art Show, Top Awards, Early 2000's

-Vesuvios, San Francisco

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