Series & Single Pieces  

Rubber, Metal, Paint, Lights,Thread, Prims, Concrete, Video

The Latex Virgin

Made from 100 Rubber Gloves on a copy Machine.


Rubber Gloves

A series of paintings composed of forms found in photocopies taken of 100 rubber gloves placed randomly on the machine.

The copies were then enlarged and studied until images were discovered.  An image of the Virgin Mary was the first to appear.  The images were slightly enhanced and then transferred to canvas paper with an acrylic transfer process.  


The Latex Virgin

Made from 100 Rubber Gloves on a copy Machine.


More Images Found in the Rubber Glove Photocopy

Shakespeare, Lady in a Fur Coat, Penguin, Indian, Mary in the Grotto, Muslim Girl and more.


American Landscape

A series of paintings Painted on and after September 11, 2001.


This abstract landscape embodies the pain, chaos, confusion and patriotism of the day.


Colors are obviously patriotic, but represent a deeper meaning.  The land was bloodied red, the streets covered with white, the sky remaining a beautiful blue.  Centered in the middle of the landscape, where the red pulsates with orange heat, you can imagine a sudden change. 


Throughout the white street, the date of the day and the cries for help are subtly represented with white on white relief.  In the calm, serene blue, we can see the lightened areas that may invoke a sense of spirits rising from the chaos to the calmness above.  In the bottom 1/3 of the painting on the right, there is a hole.  In this hole may hide many things. People plotting,people surviving.  A hole in our society that is also a hole in our hearts.


After this painting comes a series of abstract flowers representing continued hope and renewal including a tribute to the Palm Tree Atrium "Winter Garden",  which burned.  



911 An American Landscape

36" x 36" Oil Painting

followed by a Series of  Palm Trees and Flowers of Hope


Palm Tree Atrium - Winter Garden

Post 911, Palm Tree Atrium


Winter Garden

Post 911, Palm Tree Atrium


Flowers of Hope

Post 911  Acrylics


Video Ode to the

Winter Garden series

I burned a few


PowerLine Ladies 

Abstracted from an Actual Photo of Powerlines I took in Nebraska. 

All in collection of a female utilities executive in Ohio, USA.



Virtual World Art


I like to dabble in Virtual Worlds.  Here is my Avatar Finny Yates and a "Machinima" which is a film made in a virtual world.  It was produced by Maximillian Merlin of and our Global Inspiration Team.  It gives you a sense of the virtual world we lovingly built so others could explore and enjoy creativity.


PowerLine Ladies


GoGo Powerline



Graffiti PowerLine Ladies


Patina'd objects 

Before and After of a concrete fountain now located at a beautiful home in Saratoga California.


After. Fountain.

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